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About the first KDE CI IRC meeting and the date for the next one

Our first meeting was quite successful. Something like 10 people participated. We discussed and introduced the current state of the CI system and got an introduction to the current Season of KDE project which Scarlett Clarks is working on and about the Mac OS X CI system. Afterwards we talked about what everybody could do and then decided what do to next and who works on what. Some work items are:

  • Evaluation of different CI solutions
  • Different platforms like Windows and Android
  • Continue with the current work

So there is progress (just today I saw huge progress on the Mac front) and I’d like to thank all the people who help for their time and dedication.

Interested people should read the summary (including a full IRC log) for more information.

And if you don’t have (yet) a KDE Account and thus can’t check the logs, mail me and I’ll send them to you.

Next IRC meeting is going to happen on Tuesday, 16th of December 2014, 8 pm CET (UTC+1). So if you want to help, see you there, speak up on kde-devel or ping me (unormal) on freenode IRC.

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4 Responses to “About the first KDE CI IRC meeting and the date for the next one”

  1. Anthony Says:

    I’m wondaring why you ever work on Windows or Android? Two same ideologics crap, Linux communitee loves KDE and will use it by pleasure, W/A users don’t give a penny, and you only waste your time.

  2. mario Says:

    Because some people are forced to use Windows (or Android) and then they might be happy to use KDE software on these platforms. Another reason is that these platforms have other compilers and thus we can find more glitches and errors in our software and make it even better.

  3. Steve Brooks Says:

    Okay, I won’t miss this meeting next time. Check this page if you would like to invite me. See ya!

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