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The weather in Randa

It’s 8:30 (am) local time and in one or two hours the first Randa 2011 meeting participants arrive here. And these are the current weather conditions ;-) .

Oh and btw we’re on the northern hemisphere where in it’s normally summer at this time and three days ago it had temperatures around 25° celsius.

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7 Responses to “The weather in Randa”

  1. Myriam Says:

    Well, the usual mountain surprises then :) I wouldn’t be astonished if the weather gets much better in the next few days anyway.

  2. Alberto Villa Says:

    whoohoo! snow! randa, i’m coming :)
    (tonight at 10pm)

  3. Alberto Villa Says:

    woohoo! snow! randa, i’m coming :)
    (tonight at 10pm)

  4. Matt Williams Says:

    Yeah, the weather here in Geneva is similar. We’ve had temperatures hitting 30 in the last few days and I woke up this morning to snow on the hills. Swiss weather is even crazier than English weather!

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    [...] near Essen in Germany. All the attendees arrived throughout Wednesday and – in contrast to conditions in Randa the sun has been shining on us. Yesterday evening we had a barbecue in the hotel garden, enjoyed [...]

  7. Mark Says:

    There always will be a better service. And here it is!

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