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Randa and how a 150 years old house can fend

On Sunday I wrote: It’s 21:40 (or 9:40 pm) and I’m on the train back home to B. and I’m rather tired. I spent the second whole weekend in a row in Randa wiring the house. Of course this project is not just or exclusively for the Randa 2011 meeting I organize there but I think we’ll or you’ll profit as well.

And to be honest I wouldn’t start this project again. Although I learned a lot wiring a 150 years old house includes quite some surprises. 70-80cm thick walls with all kinds of ingredients, a fire alarm system which doesn’t like me and drills which not always survive their job ;-). And to be honest at this point in time I’m not that sure anymore if I really want to buy an old farm in the future and renovate it together and for my family ;-).

But there are some positive side of the medal as well. I’ve some good and very valuable helpers: a friend of the innovation departement of one of the biggest Swiss telecommunication companies, my father who is an allrounder, my mother who helped cleaning to house and Hans-Peter Seiler, a retired electrician who fixed (or better got it working) our internet connection already last year.

And last but not at all least there was and is Oliver Summermatter. You see him on the picture with a nice "little" hammer-drill. He already helped me last year at the KDE Multimedia meeting 2010 and is such a powerful guy I wouldn’t know what I should do without him!

300 meters ethernet cable, 100 RJ45 plugs, five 12port patch panels, five 10 inch network cabinets and inumerable man hours later I hope (and I’m still confident 😉 to present you the new network infrastructure. We put some considerable amount of work in this project and on Saturday we need to finish as there is another group in the house from Sunday to Wednesday next week. But I’m sure we’re going to succeed.

(PS: The owner of the house is as well a non-profit organization thus if we don’t use the infrastructure next year (what I don’t hope as I like to organize meetings for the KDE community) for another KDE meeting in Randa the work was still valuable.)

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