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Konqi the dragon – the tale begins

So this shall be the start of a tale or a long story about the little dragon Konqi and its adventures in our (or his) world. But first a preamble.

As you probably read in my former blog entry I did a schooling to be able to teach in the primary school and in general I like or better love kids and people who are from time to time childish ;-). And I’d like to improve my english language skills (I’ll do another course in autumn as well). So there is no better possibility to train than writting in this language. In the next time I plan to write on a rather regular basis about the smaller and bigger adventures of the little dragon Konqi. It should be or become a story or tale for kids that means if and when you have, know or own some of these beings tell them this story. or let them read it. Young human beings are still honest and very critical and they will tell you or me if they like it or not..

In the same way as I’m interested in your comments (about the content, about the grammar or orthography (errors ;-)) I’m interested in the opinion of your kids. And there is another thing I’d like to mention before I start to tell you about the life of another little being: What’s a good tale without good and nice pictures and paintings? So if you’re in some way talented or you are one of the few KDE artists (Nuno, Alexandre and all the others 😉 and you’ve some spare time send me an email (fux at the KDE server DOT the mandatory TLD org) and you could be the first who gets the newest report about Konqi’s life. And probably and with some luck the next part of the story has a nice little painting besides.

Oh btw, Krita would be the perfect tool for your fantasy. And there is only one rule for the paintings: Konqi must be green! And now let’s fly to another far away part of the world …

Once upon a time there was a little dragon called Konqi. He was rather small for his kind but more than anything else his heart was good. Konqi grew up in a land far away in the mountains near a nice little village inhabited by human beings. This village was surrounded by a dense coniferous forest and several small rivulets which ceased in magical little ponds. Some of the rivulets had its sources high in the mountains others started just somewhere in between the numberous tall trees. In the steeper areas of the forest there were some caves. Most of them were deep and never entered by a human being, others were just the right place to hide when a sudden summer rain began to fall down to earth.

And in one of these caves, certainly one of the more hidden ones, the little dragon Konqi lived. He was still in his childhood when one day he decided to walk over to the big hill and check what’s there behind this big little rock. After his breakfast, which consisted of berries of the forest, mushrooms and some tasty leaves (Konqi was not one of these dragons who liked to eat up other beings or earthlings), he packed some food for lunch, closed the door of his cave and took the stick which was leant to the rock in front of his cave. It was already at this moment when he first had the feeling that this day would become one of the more thrilling of his long life.

After some minutes of walk through the dense forest he had to cross the first little river. At this place the trees stood not that narrow so that the sun could throw its beams till the ground and there were some white little flowers which enjoyed the warm light of the sun and the soggy neighborhood of the rivulet. Konqi took a break sat down and drank some of the river’s water to refresh himself. He was not really cautious in doing this even though he heard stories about some bewitched waters in the forest. But they must be much deeper in the forest and at places much darker than this beautiful place. And actually it was not the first time he took some of this water.

Finishing his rest he packed up the blanket he had been sitting on and started off into the darker part of the forest. Ten minutes later Konqi then found a place where a lot of different mushrooms were growing. But as he already had enough of them in his bundle he decided to continue his walk over to the big hill. Then after a nice morning walk through denser and clearer parts of the forest he arrived at the hill at around midday. But before he had lunch he wanted to investigate the new side of the hill. ‘New’ because he never before was this far away from his home cave. This was also an area where almost no trees grew.

On the other side of the hill the further area looked exactly the same and so he decided to continue his journey after a short lunch in the hot sun. "Why not take a few more steps away from home?" he was thinking. Just as he was taking his first step of this new part of his trip he perceived a gentle voice almost inaudible. First the voice was just gentle but then suddenly you could recognize fear in it. For the shortest of a moment he continued in lowering his foot to the ground but then suddenly and abruptly its motion was frozen.

And why Konqi’s motion froze so suddenly and who the owner of this gentle and silent voice was you’ll probably find out in the next week at this place. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoye(d) it.


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