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Tokamak3 in the perspective of organizer

In this short blog I want to tell you something about my experience as the organizer of Tokamak3 and what I could observe.

First and foremost it was work as well but it was a great experience. The most remarking thing is that I welcomed strangers and one week later I had to say good bye to new friends.

As I was not yet a Plasma hacker it was of course a bit special and several people asked me why I organized Tokamak3. One of my answers was that I wanted to give something back as I’m a KDE user since years (but I do not yet use Plasma as I’m a Debian stable user ;-). Another reason for me to welcome the Plasma people at my family’s Chalet was my interest in the social structures of free software projects. I study educational psychology and it was really interested to observe the guys and gals while hacking.

But from other visiting people, the neighbors and some other people I heard that they were really impressed about the Plasma people and their enthusiasm at work. People paid for programming couldn’t have done more. Really amazing to see growing and blossoming out of the Plasma flower.

As their were not a lot of restaurants near and the Chalet was a bit remote we did our own food. That means every day one or two hackers kneaded the dough for a new tasty bread. And almost everyday I chose one or two of them helping me doing another meal. Afterwards two others did the dishes. Thanks a lot for your help! And thanks for the people from the local LUG (Linux User Group Oberwallis) who helped me on one or another day. And last but not least a big thank you to my family and relatives who offers their appartements and the Chalet and some helping hands: you’re great and I love you all!

Before I’ll show you some photos I want to say that their are some videos I hope to upload to or some other page in the next days. Some of them my appear somewhere else on other blogs. And before I’ll forget it (oh yes, another reason for the invitation to Randa was that the surrounding is really beautiful and inspiring I thought 🙂 next year there will be probably some other KDE sprints and this area. But then in a bigger house. So if you as a KDE team are interested…

And now some impressions of Tokamak3 from the organizers perspective…


Photo 1: Konqi waiting at the corner of the Chalet for the Plasma hackers


Photo 2: Ana and Artur preparing their first “Bircher Müesli” and Ivan “cutting” the bread…


Photo 3: The Plasma hackers at work in the main “conference room”


Photo 4: Aaron, the Plasma father, kneading the dough for another tasty bread and having another brilliant ideas (see the bulb?;-)


Photo 5: Hungry after a long day of work…


Photo 6: Group photo after the social event in Zermatt


Photo 7: Ruphy’s Plasma bread. Window decorations and icons are not enough 😉


Photo 8: Chani’s new friend. Pleo, the little dinosaur, found its way to Tokamak3


Photo 9: An inspiring hike in the Swiss Alps

That’s it for today. In my next KDE blog I’ll write something about why I use KDE, what else I’m working on inside KDE and what’s next…

And the real last words: I miss you Plasma family!!!