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Registration for Randa 2011 is open

First of all I’d like to thank again Emil Sedgh for his work on this tool. He fulfilled all our technical wishes in such a short period of time.

And here is to link where you can register for this years meeting: And yes, as the URL indicates, this tool is useful not just for the Randa meeting. This year in Randa there will be four groups which discuss and hack there for a week (beginning of June 2011):

So if you’re part of one of these groups it’s time to register for the sprint (and I’m sure (or hope 😉 it’s not the first time you hear about this meeting). To login you need your account.

And some special words about the Nepomuk part of the meeting. Sebastian Trueg will post some blog in the next hours or day about what he plans todo at the meeting and about what you could do with Nepomuk technologies and how you could integrate them in your application. Ivan Cucic will post a blog at the end of the week about KActivityManager and how you should and could integrate this in your application. If and when you’re interested about all this semantical and social stuff you could contact us on the Nepomuk mailinglist and perhaps it would be great to have you in Randa. In the coming weeks I plan to write some articles about the social semantic desktop for different user groups (normal users, application developers and hardcore hackers ;-).

Please fill in your information asap that we can send the e.V. board an estimated budget. Detailed information for the four groups will follow in the next hours and days on the corresponding mailinglists or other communication channels.

Update: You can relogin and thus add more information later.

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