Secure Texting and why FSFE cares

Heard of WhatsApp? If you haven’t used it before (I e.g. haven’t), you can think of it as a free-of-charge messaging app that knows which of your contacts also have the app and automatically routes messages to them over your dataplan instead of SMS, so it’s (usually) free of charge.
In the face of NSA and WhatsApp’s recent acquisition by Facebook, many of the million WhatsApp users are looking for secure and trustworthy alternatives.
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A Good way to publish Photos copyleft

I am looking for a good way to publish images as copyleft. The current state of the art in licensing non-software seems to be creative commons, but its copyleft is so weak, that I don’t see how it protects the end users’ freedom. To be more precise, here is how I perceive the legal effects (please correct me if I am wrong):
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A KISS GNU/Linux distro?

As most of you know, I use FreeBSD as my main Desktop-OS. But I also keep a ArchLinux around that I use (almost exclusively) for gaming. After being disappointed with the way it is headed since a while already, I am now completely fed up with it and am desperately seeking an alternative. Continue reading

Free commenting disabled

Since I have had more and more spam coming through the filters and annoying me no end, I decided to restrict commenting to registered users (which are only FSFE fellows). I regret to do this, but the ratio of spam to content is 5,245 to 22 (do the math yourself) and I don’t want to spend what time I have for the blog with removing spam. I hope to change it in the future again, once a better anti-spam solution has been found.

Emergency Exit

Here’s the picture that is used in the header and which inspired the title of the blog. The picture was taken with my transformer pad through the window of a bus, in Northern Ireland, last fall. I ran it through some filters of the android image program, not much was done on the computer. Continue reading