Digital Photography

I like to take pictures and play with them on my computer. But I am very far away from being a good photographer. I’d like to get better, but I rarely find the time. If you have any thoughts on my pictures, feel free to comment!


Canon EOS 500D
· Only lens right now: EFS 18-55mm
· my main camera that I use whenever I actually take it out with me (mostly vacations)
· MagicLantern Free Software firmware, its great!

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity
· has a surprisingly good camera with large aperture (F/2.2) and 8MP
· I don’t use it too often, though, because IMHO it’s kind of embarrassing to take pictures with a tablet…

Sony Ericsson XPeria Mini Pro
· my mobile phone
· camera is better than in a lot of other devices (i.a. the iphones I’ve seen), but still just a phone camera
· I still use once in a while, just because I always carry it with me


Digikam / showfoto
· general organisation of my photos
· color and exposure correction, reduction to black and white
· pretty good application, although I have had issues with the database a few times…

Luminance HDR
· great application for HDR-photography

· great for stitching Panoramas
· although the interface really needs a polish from my humble point of view

Of course all the Software is Free Software!