FreeBSD Ports

The FreeBSD Ports collection is a system of providing and managing applications for the FreeBSD operating system. An App-Store so to speak. There are over 20.000 ports in the collection, most of which are maintained by volunteers. I maintain the following ports:

Name KPorts
Origin ports-mgmt/kports-qt4
Links homepage, freshports (Qt4 Version)
About The Graphical Front-End to the Ports that I develop
Name Luminance HDR
Origin graphics/luminance, graphics/luminance-qt5
Links homepage, freshports, freshports (Qt5 version)
About Complete open source solution for HDR photography
Name SeqAn
Origin biology/seqan
Links homepage, freshports
About C++ Sequence Analysis Library
Origin biology/ugene
Links homepage, freshports
About Free, open-source, cross-platform bioinformatics toolkit