About this blog

In this blog I post thoughts on Software Freedom, related activism, certain projects I am involved in and possibly other random bits of nerdiness. It will also contain selected photos and maybe tutorials on digital photography.

It is not an overview of what I actually do and think. Many things I do will not be covered here…

About me

  • my homepage with a little bit more information about myself.
  • my e-mail address, if you want to contact me.
  • my jabber/xmpp/gtalk, if you want to chat with me.
  • my public key, if you want to check whether mail is actually from me, or if you want to send me encrypted mail.
  • About copyright

    (except where otherwise noted!)

  • verbatim copying of all written text on this blog that is not source code is allowed, provided that this blog is referenced properly;
  • all source code is released under the CC0 license, i.e. into the public domain, where that is applicable;
  • all photos are released dual-licensed under CC-by-nc-sa and GPLv3; if you want photos under different terms and/or higher resolutions, please contact me
  • About liability

    All things in this blog are published in the hope that they will be helpful, interesting and/or entertaining, but without the expressed or implied warranty of any kind — to the extent permitted by applicable law. Before you read things, download pictures or execute code from this blog and especially before following instructions in tutorials, make sure you know what you are doing. I shall not be made responsible for any kind of damage resulting from the use or misuse of the blog, or any things published on this blog.
    I check all links before setting theme initially, but I don’t reevaluate them repeatedly, so I cannot make any assumptions to whatever you might encounter when following a link into the rest of the internet from this site, keep your eyes open and don’t blame me.