Photo of the Month — 2014-08

Originally I had wanted to post a different picture, but sadly the war against the Palestinian people has seen yet another level of escalation, so here’s a picture in solidarity with the Palestinians and all other people suffering from war and oppression. I shot it in Ramallah, Westbank, 2011.

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Photo of the Month — 2014-07

I decided to start a photo-of-the-month series; hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Unfortunately the upload limitation on this platform is 1MB per picture so you won’t get high-res for now. The picture was taken last fall in Oberengadin, Switzerland, close to Salecina House. It was a breath-taking sunset and I was very tired from a day of hiking, but thankful for having been there right at that moment!

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Emergency Exit

Here’s the picture that is used in the header and which inspired the title of the blog. The picture was taken with my transformer pad through the window of a bus, in Northern Ireland, last fall. I ran it through some filters of the android image program, not much was done on the computer. Continue reading