Free commenting disabled

Since I have had more and more spam coming through the filters and annoying me no end, I decided to restrict commenting to registered users (which are only FSFE fellows). I regret to do this, but the ratio of spam to content is 5,245 to 22 (do the math yourself) and I don’t want to spend what time I have for the blog with removing spam. I hope to change it in the future again, once a better anti-spam solution has been found.

Long time no see

Hi everyone, ok so there haven’t been posts in while, because I was incredibly busy, but I do plan on finishing the line of posts concerning my audio setup. I also have a post in line regarding my (possibly irrelevant) thoughts on KDE and I have a few things to say about Android which I have been using a lot lately, so stay tuned.

The spam issue is getting kind of out-of-hand (over 1000 spam comments VS a handful of real ones), so if your comments don’t appear immediately don’t get angry. If in doubt of being regarded as a robot, just write me an email and I will whitelist you!