Autumn Leaves

This is my current wallpaper on my desktop. Not a winter picture, but autumn is ok, too. I took the picture in Brandenburg in fall of 2011. Had I had more time, I might have taken some better ones, because the light was really great. I would really have liked to make one without the »Hochstand« (high seat?). But actually I was quite in a hurry, because there were other people walking in the forest, and the picture was taken just when the person in front of me was concealed by a tree.

The only editing done on the picture is manual contrast/gamma correction and transformation to black-and-white with a green filter. I might post a tutorial on the digikam workflow involved with making this picture, if you are interested in that, let me know.

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  1. Hello Hannes,

    compliments for the picture. I like the atmosphere and, of course, beautiful place!
    Although I use Digikam only to collect, organize, tag, I’m interested in knowing how other people use it.
    I do my pictures post production using darktable. In the unlikely case you don’t know it, I suggest to have a look.

    Have a nice day!


    • Hi Gianfranco,

      thanks for the compliments! I had tried darktable a while ago, but it didn’t work right on FreeBSD (don’t remember the exact issue). I tried to install it again, but now it doesn’t even build… but I will give it a shot once there is a package for FreeBSD again!