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One of the best initiatives at FOSS Nigeria was the founding of the PyKano Python user group.

It is open for anyone (with a focus on people in Nigeria). The intent is for people interested in Python to have regular local meetings but also discuss on-line. If you happen to be interested in programming and […]

FOSS Nigeria – First Day

Yesterday I ran into Adriaan in Amsterdam, not only by coincidence. We had a nice flight to Kano, Nigeria.

We met the Commissioner for Science and Technology at the airport and were warmly welcomed. After a drive through the night we went straight to the hotel. Motorcycles in the dimly lit streets of Kano were […]

KDE and Church Day 2010

This year KDE will – together with the FSFE – participate in the ecumenical church day. We have a shared booth, now we need you.

The event takes place in Munich, a great city to visit. The event is May 13th to 16th. We are still looking for people to help with the booth. So […]


Funny, after blogging I got some more feedback, Aaron put in a small fix and Stephen suggested another Akonadi related improvement so that I could remove another 20 lines of code that were not overly nice. So here is the update and I get to post first screenshots (yeah, that’s what we all have been […]

Akonadi Plasma Calendar

I think KDE SC 4.x is becoming better and better. It has reached the point where I don’t even want to think about going back. Still there are missing bits and pieces every once in a while. At our last Fellowship of the Ring FSFE meetup here in Stuttgart, we had a nice talk… and […]

ownNews – clouding desktops near you

Isn’t it lovely when all the puzzle pieces are there and you just need to put the last few of them in the right place?

Frank and the ownCloud crew have been happily plowing away on making ownClould your personal data storage and much more. One vision the project has is a great integration with […]

Plasma Netbook Reference

I haven’t yet blogged about Tokamak 4 yet. Well, it’s only 2.5 weeks after the event. I can finally tell you about one of the projects I worked on 🙂 Aaron already blogged about the general idea and goes into more technical detail in a second post.

The Plasma team would like to have a […]

Hot new Klassroom – Get started with KDE development

Since KDE Software Compilation 4.4 we have an updated, improved and easier to use Hot New Stuff framework. So far only a few test candidates were ported to it, namely the wallpaper dialog, Parley, Plasma comic strips and Amarok when compiled with 4.4. Now it’s time to change this. In cooperation with our forums staff, […]

KDE Education Survey

Last week we, the KDE Education folks sat down for a meeting on IRC, to discuss where we want to go.

There are lots of good applications under the KDE Education umbrella and very nice people behind them, caring for the applications and their users. Sometimes it’s very hard to guesstimate what our users like […]

Dead Stars

Fitting my earlier post about rating and stars in Get Hot New Stars Stuff , I just listened to “Dead Stars” by Covenant…

So this is all about stars. At first I wanted to answer the comments individually, but there are just too many.

A few points keep coming up:

The number of items in […]