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Arrived at Gran Canaria!

Yesterday we arrived at Gran Canaria and made our way to the hotel. Alejandro was waiting at the airport when Daniel and Frank and I arrived from Stuttgart (followed by Sven a few minutes later with a different machine, so we saw him before taking off and after landing).

The hotel is nice but didn’t make us stay long. Instead we walked along the beach to the Alfredo Krauss auditorium to register for the conference. No t-shirt this time… a towel instead, by Qt Software… so does the meme “always bring a towel” lose validity with this game changer? I doubt it – unless it becomes a tradition to get cute towels as presents 😀 Those served as instant GCDS attendant markers, so we had fun greeting all those with green towels (mostly still wrapped in plastic :)).

From there we went to find some good Spanish food and walked back towards the hotel to find good icecream.

Back to the auditorium to have a beer or two sponsored by Canonical. There we met a large amount of great people and lots of discussions going on. After the party I enjoyed a moment of silence, walking back home along the beach barefooted.

This morning started with a quick swim for me, which feels great, perfect water temperature, then off to breakfast with Alejandro and then to the keynotes which I enjoy just now. Great talks by Robert Lefkowitz, Walter Bender and now Richard M. Stallman so far.

Putting on my KDE Edu hat, one thing that I liked a lot about Walter Bender’s talk is the idea to directly give the student the source code at hand. Integrated in the Sugar UI. This is really a great move that I didn’t think much about before. Carsten lately also expressed his newfound love for Python, so maybe we should discuss this venue for KDE Edu also since it makes teacher’s and student’s involvation much easier. Back to listening to the keynotes.