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3x Linux Tag and GCDS

Hi Planet FSFE,

like Adrian I decided to move my blog from to the FSFE blogging platform which features a nice WordPress installation.

Just now I’m preparing for Gran Canaria to join the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (and especially Akademy).

I noticed I still haven’t updated my blog with all the Linux Tag or Linux Day events I’ve been to lately. All of them included some KDE booth work and nice chats with other FSFE Fellows.

The first is quite a while back, 28th of March, Linx Info Tag Augsburg. Lydia and I joined Eckhart who organized the KDE presence there. I had the chance to talk to Thomas Thym again (who gave a talk and very enthusiastically presented KDE to people passing by). We had a great dinner in the evening, joining with others (I recall some Gentoo people and FSFE fellows). The KVM talk was very interesting, I still want to have a go at playing with ARM type of devices and other microprocessors but haven’t found the time yet 🙁 Ingo of Radio Tux was there as well and we had a good time walking around the exhibitions and talking to people (dude, maybe we could coordinate traveling, we came there both from Stuttgart).

Thomas discussing with our Debian neighbours

Thomas discussing with our Debian neighbours

Also with the help (and some pushing – luckily no one got hurt 😉 ) from the Debianistas who were camping (boothing?) next to us, I finally got around to install Debian on my notebook that day. I still use it and I’m happy with it so far (to my own surprise). A few weeks ago blog posts about distro switching were quite en vogue on planetkde, I guess I’m too late though.

Next up was the local event at the Hochschule der Medien, Linux Day (note the slight difference in the title, they use the English Day :P). I was working that day, so I skipped the talks and came just for the important part, the social event afterwards. I met Daniel and Frank from KDE and of course, (is he following me or am I following him?) Ingo. No travelling involved this time, although the 800 meters to my home seemed quite long after one or two (three?) free beers (free as in beer). Some talks would have been interesting that day, for example a preview of using JavaScript in Firefox to manipulate the contents of HTML5 video tags.

Finally last week Linux Tag in Berlin took place. After a horrible trip there (involving two hours delay, a broken passenger door letting rain in and a close encounter with a truck) I got to enjoy two days of this nice event. Our booth was staffed well, together with Kubuntu and Amarok and I don’t think there was any time without visitors. All in all I would have expected more visitors.

We had fun talking to users and other developers (for example Christoph from the OpenOffice user experience team). I enjoyed lunch with lots of people, for example Lena and Mattias. Meeting so many people was great. And of course Ingo was there also 😉

Finally on Saturday (after I gave a talk about our KDE Education apps which went quite well) some of us went to Kreuzberg to pick up something to eat (passing by the great KDAB offices to drop some of our stuff) and stubled right into the Gay Parade (CSD) as you can read in Sebas’ blog. Chani and I went home at some point to get some sleep, which ended not so great because we couldn’t get into the flat. So we waited outside for an hour. On Sunday those left at the flat went to have good food at an Italian restaurant and then journeyed back home (or to Oslo).

Now it’s already getting late, so I better get to bed. At least I finally managed to write about some of the awesome events I’ve been to lately (still leaving out the Amarok sprint). Tomorrow packing for Gran Canaria is due, I’m leaving with the same flight as Frank, Sven and Daniel (do you belive in chance? we all booked independently). Let’s see who else will be on that plane. I can hardly wait to get there 🙂