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Meeting in Stuttgart

Hi all 🙂

If you happen to be in Stuttgart in two weeks – August 1st 2009 that is – why don’t you drop by for a chat with some of your favorite local FSFE and KDE people?
Back in February we had a nice FSFE fellow meeting combined with a party to celebrate the KDE 4.2 release. Panagiotis who became active in the German translation team after that event asked for a repetition. Of course we won’t let him (and you) down.

It’s been half a year (and it’s KDE 4.3 time), so again we meet, talk and discuss, free software people, you are invited to come and join us!

We decided to switch location (and have food this time). Come and visit us here: Restaurant Wartburg Tol(l)eranz on August 1st, 19:00.

If you plan on comming, don’t hesitate to leave a comment so we can approximate how many people we’ll be.

On a totally unrelated note, Daniel started picking and poking at Parley again, which of course makes him my hero of the day! In fact we sat down for an entire day of Akademy to discuss lots of issues and interface problems that we’ll hopefully address at some point. It’s always great to get some motivation and energy when talking to you fellow geeks 🙂

Now that Akademy is over, it’s time to meet again, right? 😉