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How to submit patches for Amarok

If you followed the Amarok development in the last 18 months, you have seen us move from SVN to Gitorious, and finally to KDE’s own git implementation, For patch submitters ¬†and other external contributors there was always a …

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Want to test the phonon-vlc backend? Here you go :)

As some of you might have read in Mark Kretschmann’s blog, we now have a fairly good phonon-vlc backend that already works better in many ways than other available backends. It is still in alpha stage, but we would …

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Compiling Amarok from git locally – full summary updated

/* */ Last update: November 13, 2013 As we have more and more questions for support on how to install Amarok 2.x from GIT, I thought I might make another synopsis on how to install a local build. Apparently …

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How to install 2.2-git in your home (an update)

Since Amarok switched to Gitorious, those of you running a local SVN build with markey’s instructions will have to do some changes to stay up-to-date::
First, you need to install git, which is in the package repositories of your …

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