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So you want to be a “Summer of Code” student…

… then here are some tips :)

Show us you are bright… and do your homework:

Read the documentation

We can’t be there for you 24/7, so don’t expect to be spoon-fed information you can look up in documentation available online. While …

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KDE joins the Outreach Program for Women


KDE will – for the first time this year – participate in the “Outreach Program for Women”. This was originally started by GNOME, but has also other participating organisations like Wikimedia, Mozilla, Fedora and others.

With KDAB as our sponsor …

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We Love Free Software!

It’s this time of the year again, where we express our love for what and whom we like:

This year I want to express my personal thanks to

the kmail developers for the awesome work during the last year,
the KDE sysadmins for …

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Amarok 2.7 and Google Code-In

It was a very busy End of Year again:

Amarok 2.7 is out! While the code-name “A Minor Tune” would suggest it to be an average release, it is in fact one of the most polished we ever did. 473 bugs closed, 17 …

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On knitting, Google-CodeIn and a nice surprise delivered to my doorstep

Lately I didn’t find much time to blog, as I was busy with my usual errands, namely bug triaging and testing, but, as usual with the evenings getting longer, I was also hit by the knitting virus and already …

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More Randa 2012 goodness

After an extremely yummy Sunday evening supper the Amarok core developers continued with more Architecture talks all through Monday, the result of which you can see in our community wiki pages.

Valorie and I are also currently updating the Amarok …

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First days of Randa 2012

As every year we gathered in Randa to work on our favorite Free Software projects. Organized by FSFE-Fellow #1 Mario Fux this years edition sees people form KDE Edu, Accessibility, Plasma and Multimedia concentrate on making our software better by …

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Please help testing some old Amarok bugs

Every now and then I go through some old Amarok reports to see if these are still valid, but sometimes I am hit by the inability to actually test because I lack the required setup.
So today I ask for …

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Calligra Author – a new tool for writers

Every writer needs a good tool to be able to focus on the essential part: the writing.
Today we welcome the creation of a new tool that will be developed in direct collaboration with writers: Calligra Author.
As you can read …

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Triagers and testers needed…

… for a bugsprint about Kmail!

I had the great pleasure to meet with Kmail developer Laurent Montel at Akademy in Tallinn and we discussed the state of Kmail bugs. We agreed upon the work that needs to be done …

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