Calligra Author – a new tool for writers

Every writer needs a good tool to be able to focus on the essential part: the writing.
Today we welcome the creation of a new tool that will be developed in direct collaboration with writers: Calligra Author.
As you can read in the announcement the main features will concentrate on two distinct use-cases: Novelists and Documentation writers.

As a documentation writer myself I was thrilled when I was asked to participate in the development of this new tool and I am looking forward eagerly to collaborate with the documentation. Calligra Author will focus on the writer workflow and the planned export features will include eBooks which nowadays are an important way to publish documentation.

So stay tuned for the first release towards the end of this year.

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5 Responses to Calligra Author – a new tool for writers

  1. schnitzelmampf says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this. This is great news. I wonder if this will fit screenwriters, too. Maybe by adding plugins?

  2. myriam says:

    Well, for now the product is just a Calligra words clone, but we will work closely with writers, so please join the discussion on what features are a must. We have just set up a forum here:

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  4. Brian Turner says:

    If you need alpha/beta/pre-release testers, sign me up. I’m an aspiring writer of sorts, and am always willing to try out new software for that purpose.

    I can be found on Google+ :)

    Thank you for creating a tool for Linux users in this area. It’s been one of those weak spots for a while now.