Triagers and testers needed…

… for a bugsprint about Kmail!

I had the great pleasure to meet with Kmail developer Laurent Montel at Akademy in Tallinn and we discussed the state of Kmail bugs. We agreed upon the work that needs to be done on that occasion:

Currently Kmail 1.x is not maintained anymore, but still has quite a bunch of open reports. Due to a serious lack of time and resources the database went a bit out of hand and now needs some triaging love. While it currently is closed for new bug reports, we aim to get this cleaned up and find the usable bug reports for Kmail2.

What needs to be done?

  • We need to get rid of open duplicate reports.
  • We will check if a bug is reproducible in Kmail 2 and reassign it there.
  • We will close the Kmail1-only reports as unmaintained.
  • We also need to clean up and remove duplicates form the Kmail2 bugs list.

To make sure we can work reasonably well, this is the setup you should have to help with the testing:

  • KDE SC 4.8.4 with Kmail 4.8.4 at least, but 4.9 would be better and if you can run from Git it would be even more helpful.
  • Either a POP3 or an IMAP setup, to make sure we can test both extensively.


Since this will take quite some time I propose 2 weeks in a row, where you can get in and out at your leisure, with a clear focus on the weekends. I will be around most of the time (in my UTC+2 timezone at least) and will try to give a hand in #kde-bugs on

So let’s meet on Saturday, August 18th on #kde-bugs and get this sorted as much as possible.

Of course, you can start earlier: you will find two saved searches in b.k.o called “Kmail1 open bugs” and “Kmail2 open bugs”. To find these, go to your Preferences -> Saved searches and add these to your footer, so you can easily access the list whenever you feel a triaging itch. If you don’t see the saved searches then you probably don’t have enough rights on KDE’s bugzilla yet, but that can be improved easily, just ask me.

If this is your first triaging experience, don’t be shy, just ping me in #kde-bugs – type: “Mamarok: ping” – and I will try to give you the necessary help ASAP :)

And finally: if you want to be kept updated about the Bugsprints we organize, you can subscribe to this Calendar: KDE BugDays

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7 Responses to Triagers and testers needed…

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  2. Eye says:

    Wow, you are still actually trying to make kmail2 WORK!?!
    You have to really love beating those dead horses…
    Until akonadi is unable to manage some GB of mail with decent performance, your effort is like shining the paint of a car with a broken engine. Good luck with finding volunteers.

    • myriam says:

      When did you last try it? Most of these issues are solved by now, so talking about past issues is not really helpful.

  3. Eye says:

    Oh, solved by now, let’s see.
    KDE 4.5.0 -> KDE 4.8.3: I’ve found kmail2 always absolutely unuseable, no matter how hard I tried.
    KDE 4.9.0: I finally uninstalled the whole kdepim, and I now happily use Claws-mail.

    I’ve heard the story about “the latest release solves any performance issues” so many times that now it makes me laugh. Why don’t you try googling _recent_ posts about user experience with akonadi? You will see how many issues are really “solved by now”.

    Sorry, this is it: Kmail is dead, Akonadi killed it.

    • virgolus says:

      Eye, this post is an initiative for reorganize bug reports.
      With reports reorganized, the developers will have a overview of the general situation and will be organized to resolve bugs. I use kmail2 and I have some problem, but overall it work great.
      Akonadi is growing a lot in the last releases.

    • the_madman says:

      How very specific. I can definitely see these comments helping the developers fix the specific issues you’re having.

      Or not.

      • Eye says:

        Look, I have played the game of specific, helpful and detailed reporting for years. Hours on hours lost with no results. Many people did, both and on Then sometimes (for example, but there are many others) you get authoritative answers like this (March 2012):
        “The high load you experience from KMail/MySQL/Akonadi is expected in this case. Future versions will likely include some optimisations which may improve upon the speed and resource consumption these events require”

        EXPECTED? MAY improve? will LIKELY??? A PC completely locked up just to manage some GB of mail WILL LIKELY IMPROVE? What’s this, 1995?

        That’s what I’m saying. Akonadi is like a car with an engine so badly designed that, if it ever starts, it doesn’t go far. Why do you keep wasting time trying to repair the windscreen or fix some scratches? But, hey, as long as it’s YOUR time, you can waste it beating your favourite dead horse.

        I have no time to waste anymore, so I’ve switched to Claws-mail. Guess what? Now I have no “specific issues to fix” because it just works…