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Time to focus

As some of you probably already noticed I was much less active in KDE in the last weeks after the Randa Meetings (which were a big success and great: thanks all for this!) and I will disappear even more for the coming months.

Yesterday I had a discussion about my diploma thesis and what shall I say: it was ripped apart :-( . So I need to collect all my remaining energy and try to focus and try to safe my thesis. And if I should be able to get it accepted at the end of October the learning will start for the final exam phase from January to March 2015.

I’d have so many thoughts about KDE at the moment, so many ideas I’d like to write about and tell you and so many things I’d like to work on for and in KDE (you should see the pile of notes I made during the last months…) but this needs to wait now.

But expect me back, the earliest somewhen around the beginning of 2015. Good bye ;-(…

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6 Responses to “Time to focus”

  1. Richard Says:

    Uh, thats not nice… :-/

    Wish you all the best for your diploma thesis and hope to see you back & happy after March 2015. :-)

  2. mario Says:

    Thx, Richard.

  3. Sandro Andrade Says:

    I completely understand you :)
    I face the same situation now in the last mile of my phd. Get this damn stuff done soon :) and go back to KDE …

    Good luck …

  4. Fran├žoise Says:

    Hey Mario,
    All ppl who had the pleasure to come to Randa, have seen and appreciate the great organisation work you did !!

    So of course, I encourage you to keep all your time and energy for your thesis. You’ll get it ;-)

    If any of us can help you in a simple thing (lol), just keep simple and ask on a list

    take care of you and see you soon
    Fran├žoise (& Bruno of course)

  5. Valorie Zimmerman Says:

    Of course you must focus on your future first! We’ll be waiting for your enthusiasm, your creativity, and most of all, your hugs, when you finish.

    I know you will do well, and I look forward to congratulating Dr. Mario!



  6. Lisa Abrams Says:

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