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Last chance ;-). And some more information.

As my questionnaire is now open for two weeks I plan to give it another 24 hours and then close it. So you’ve still time till tomorrow, Wednesday, February 19, 23.59 UTC to fill in the survey and participate in the draw.

If you should need more time or planned to fill in the questionnaire after tomorrow night please ping me (unormal) on or write me an email (fuxkdeorg). And thank a lot to all the people who already filled it in: thank you!

And now a promise: this is the last time I write here to ask you to fill in this questionnaire. Next time I write about this topic I’ll write about results. Although my diploma thesis will be in German I’ll write some summaries or blog posts about the results in English and probably will do even a presentation or two about it.

And here yet another teaser: tomorrow I’ll blog on planet kde about the dates and topics of the Randa Meetings in August 2014 ;-)

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3 Responses to “Last chance ;-). And some more information.”

  1. Arkascha Says:

    The email address validation you use towards the end of the survey does not accept some valid addresses. That is a little embarrassing for a tech survey…

  2. mario Says:

    Morning Arkascha

    As I’m not that good a developer (at least I know it, right ;-) that might be possible. I tested the validation shortly but not extensively. Do you’ve an email address or pattern that doesn’t work. You might this as well send to


  3. Himanshu Says:

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