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Randa meetings foundation, N9 and Co

This will be just a short blog post but at least it will be one ;-) . This week first discussions will start about the creation of foundation (legal entity) for the Randa meetings. The following things are quite important for me on this:

  • To keep it alive for the next years.
  • Broaden the scope of free software communitites which can use this place.
  • Make it independent of my person (and thus make it able to to give to people working on this big organizational task at least some expense allowance (and for me to pay the diapers which I need to buy soon ;-) )
  • Find more sponsors to save free software organisations (like the KDE e.V.) from costs.e
  • Involve more and more locale people, schools and industry.
  • Bring even more KDE people to Randa in the next years.

And for this I created a new internal mailing list (German only, sorry). So if you’re interested send me an email (my lastname at kde dot org) and we’ll add you to the list.

Another nice thing that happened in the last weeks was the arrival of my new N9 I got from KDE. It actually was a nice coincidence that the device arrived at the same day I officially finished my WiktionaryParser university project which I’d like to port to the N9.

As I won’t find the time in the next days to port this software and work a bit on QML frontend at least I installed all available KDE software for this nice mobile. Thus I’ll be able to demonstrate KDE software on yet another device (and to e.g. show it to potential new sponsors for the Randa meetings.

And the last thing in the post. I’ve of course already some plans for this year’s Randa meetings: My favorite focus this year would be Accessibility (a11y). I’m already in contact with a11y developers and blind users. And this year September would be the date of choise… And don’t forget to flattr me if your like what I do :-) .

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7 Responses to “Randa meetings foundation, N9 and Co”

  1. habarnam Says:

    What exactly is “all available KDE software for this nice mobile”? :)

  2. mario Says:

    Morning habaram
    Go to the Nokia store and search for KDE. In particular this is atm Khangman, Kanagram, Blinken, KAlgebra (find more information about them on and then a reader. And of course the Calligra ( based document viewer which is pre-installed.

  3. Pau Garcia i Quiles Says:

    “the creation of foundation (legal entity) for the Randa meetings”

    Can’t this be done through the eV? For instance, the Apache Software Foundation does this kind of stuff possible for all the projects under their umbrella, not only for the HTTP server.

    This would of course go in the direction I pointed 6 months ago:

    A wish a day 12: Should KDE become the Apache Software Foundation of the Qt world?

  4. Tom Albers Says:

    No need to run your own infra. Ask for a private list at kde sysadmin….

  5. mario Says:

    Ok. Thx toma. Next time. This list is planned to just stay for some weeks/months. When the foundation is create we’ll switch and I’ll probably come back to you.

  6. mario Says:

    Morning Pau
    As I plan to have a big locale focus as well as some other free software groups in Randa I decided to do some locale organisation. But Cornelius is on the list.

  7. Lisa Abrams Says:

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