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Yakkety Yak release parties

Catalan LoCo Team celebrated on November 5th a release party of the next Ubuntu version, in that case, 16.10 Xenial Xerus, in Ripoll, such a historical place. As always, we started explaining what Ubuntu is and how it adapts to new times and devices.

FreeCad 3D design and Games were both present at […]

Barcelona SFD 2016 summary

Last September, Caliu organised our 12 Software Freedom Day in Barcelona.

This time, we went to Ateneu La Bòbila.

We offered speches, starting with radio software.

Free software on Libraries.

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Call for ‘papers’ for SFD

This year, on the Software Freedom Day, Saturday September 19th, at Les Corts neigborhoud in Barcelona, we would like to have many free software comunities comming to do little speeches of half an hour or an hour at newbie level or tutorials a little more advanced. The objective is the spread among non espert […]

Jordades de Programari Lliure

As previously announced, the Free Software Journeys will take place next week. From July 1st to July 4th, 2009 on the historic building of the University of Barcelona, in University Square.

They are for free, as always, but it is necessary an inscription. There is always some interesting thing and there can be consulted […]

Free bus

My friend Quim Perelló saw that advertisement on a bus in Barcelona.

It says: Are tired of virus? Call us and we will install you Linux, a secure, free (as in speech) and free (as in beer) Operating System. Tags: programari […]