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Saucy Party in Flix, Catalonia

Last Saturday Catalan LoCo Team did its Ubuntu Saucy Salamander 13.10 Party at the Enric Grau Fontseré School in Flix, Catalonia with some 40 people who attended to the different speeches and installs. The party was developed without technical incidents and apparently it was great for everyone. As I cannot write a summary of the speeches, I’ll show you some pictures for see the ambiance.

We started the day with a presentation about what Ubuntu and Catalan LoCo Team are, and a basic questions session.

After that, there was a speech of Jordi Binefa from about free hardware control with Ubuntu.

Following, a talk of Jordi Ros, Labdoo founder, a project for distributing used laptops with Ubuntu installed to development countries so the can prevent Digital Divide in the youth.


Then, in other classroom, there was a talk about 3D print from BuildRepRap.

We got lunch at a good restaurant nearby.

After lunch, there was a F-Droid speech, free software for Android with Daniel Martí from FSFE.

Francesc Busquets presented Linkat Edu 12.04, education distribution, its first version based on Ubuntu.

And finally, Roman from Funlab presented free robotics.


Meanwhile, during all day, there were Ubuntu installations and doubt resolutions at the install classroom we gave printed installation and use Ubuntu guides.

And we finished with the usual draw of T-shirts, caps, and material provided by our sponsors.