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Pangolin Party in Terrassa


After two years, Catalan LoCo Team returned to IES Nicolau Copèrnic School in Terrassa, near Barcelona, for an Ubuntu release party, this time 12.04.  Again, the organization lied basically on the school teachers and we achieved a full and varied activity schedule. With 5 simultaneous tracks, perhaps it’s the party where we offered more variety for activity picking in every moment.

Install party, two simultaneously lectures, GPG and CAcert signature party, game room and an Ubuntu Server Jam.








We started the journey with the overture session where we explained Ubuntu, the LoCo structure and the different activities through the day.











The sponsors, and the school was one of them, got those practical bags for the first 150 registered to the party. Quite a success had them.









Some school students offered a special canteen service for us ubuntaires so we could breakfast and lunch, plus coffee at very low prices. That way, the kids rise money for final terms trip.









A lot of people came, we had more then 200 registered people and that was apparent on the speeches. This picture is from the Enlightenment speech that got more people than Enlightenment desktop users in all Europe. That speech was repeated in the afternoon by popular demand.











Good organisation is noticeable in the small details. Posters so people don’t to get lost at the school. In this floor there were three rooms to go, until we had to open a fourth due to people not fitting in the install room anymore.










Install party room plenty of people as usual. Each time it is easier to install Ubuntu and sharing discs with other OS gives less and less problems.










Games room gave moments of relaxation and fun to the youngest.








And the final draw, where the gifts from the sponsors were given: mice, webcams, speakers and an Android 4.0 tablet.


Again, I want to thank organisers, sponsors, kids from the canteen, real ubuntaires (without them this would not have any sense), and all passerbys that came for sharing the party.

We’ll see on the next one, Festa Quàntica at La Mina.