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What a LoCo November

What did Catalan LoCo Team this November?

  • November 1st: LoCo meeting. Redistribute Barcelona people car wiki for travel to the release party in Lleida. Decide to make a professional poster paid by two LoCo members.
  • November 2nd: fisrt Ubuntu Hour in Barcelona.
  • November 7th: release party Kastanyada Kàrmica.
  • November 16th: three-member meeting for distribution of T-shirts and CDs.
  • November 16th: LoCo meeting. Decided when to choose the placement for next party. Possibly in Castelló. New Convention for dealing with brainstorm ideas. Started a calendar with blueprints for Lucid party.
  • November 22nd: meeting with TormodVolden from Swiss LoCo.
  • November 28th: act omelette and free software in Caldes de Montbuï.

It’s been crazy. On the top of that, I assisted to a LUG meeting and an install-party on a Thursday. I missed Maemo log weekend in Cornellà, near Barcelona, basically because I needed some rest.

And we have been very late on November Team Report, uploaded today.  Sorry for that.