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Ubuntu Global Jam for Karmic

An Ubuntu Global Jam is a local face-to-face event for improving Ubuntu by doing tests, fix bugs, improve documentation and do translations. Again, Byron Corrales, design guru in Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team, did a great work with these badges that can be attached to your posts about UGJ, your personal web or your LoCo website. […]

UDW artwork

Byron Corrales, design guru in Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team, did some buttons for next Ubuntu Developer Week, that will take place on the internet starting on August 31st. *


If you want the HTML code for fast Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V of the buttons on your site see RubĂ©n Romero’s blog entry about […]

Translations at the UDW

From August 31st to September 4th, will take place the Ubuntu Developer Week, lots of speeches on irc channel #ubuntu-classroom at Freenode. As usual, they are only in English but, this time, a team of volunteers will translate the questions of those participating in the event. Right away, Siegfried (you’re awesome!) joined for translate from […]

Call for ‘papers’ for SFD

This year, on the Software Freedom Day, Saturday September 19th, at Les Corts neigborhoud in Barcelona, we would like to have many free software comunities comming to do little speeches of half an hour or an hour at newbie level or tutorials a little more advanced. The objective is the spread among non espert […]