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The party is over

…but we will have another one in six months.

Crazy took all these pictures.

Catalan LoCo Team party at CTUG in the city of Granollers has been fantastic. The mayor of Granollers did the event introductions, that Alex continued. After that, it was presented the migration of Vallgorguina Council to Ubuntu, OpenERP, Jack audio server and Eines TIC, a free software application set for little and medium companies. On the other hand, the workships took place in another space: company servers, Drupal 7, OpenERP, Gimp and recreational robotics. In the end, we all met for a traditional gift draw, this time with material sent by Canonical.

Additionally, the install room was plenty of people nearly at all times.

More than 100 people attended, besides people of Granollers, from places like Barcelona, Lleida or València.

Thank you to all of you for the success of the party, specially to LoCo members, to the speakers (also to David who could not come because he was ill) and to the volunteers at the install party. See you on May at the party at les Borges Blanques!