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Raring Party in Barcelona

Last Saturday, the Catalan LoCo Team did its Ubuntu Raring Ringtail Party at the Escola del Clot of Barcelona with some 80 people present in the different speeches and installs.


The day started with a little presentation about Ubuntu and Catalan LoCo Team. After that, there were two lectures from Sergi Grau: HTML5 and Android 4.2.


Simultaneously, on other room, it was the speech about the Free & Open Source Software Outreach for Women Program with Mònica Ramírez, Debian Developer.


After that, there were the talks about Metadistributions based on Ubuntu using Remastersys with Jordi Binefa and ChameleonPI (a Raspbian versions with games emulators for the Raspberry Pi) with its author Carles Oriol.


Joan de Gràcia presented the Linkat Edu 12.04, the official Catalan public school GNU/Linux distro, for the first time based on Ubuntu, and Jordi Binefa showed Free hardware with Ubuntu.


Meanwhile, on the install room, people worked on installations and clarification of doubts and we sold some LoCo Team T-shirts and gave away some Ubuntu installation and using guides.

As always, we ended the party with a draw of some T-shirts and an Ubuntu Handbook.


As you can see, after the party was completed, some of us went to lunch.