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Ubuntu Global Jam in Barcelona

March 27th, the Ubuntu Catalan community celebrates Ubuntu Global Jam at the UPC Campus Nord in Barcelona.

In order to arrive: Campus Nord de l’UPC de Barcelona, building C6 room E101 (access for passage between buildings D6 and C6).

It is a perfect opportunity for learn and help the Ubuntu project.

We will carry on with these activities:

  • Speech about translations by David Planella and Translation Marathon.
  • Testing Jam: test first Lucid beta in any possible way in order to find functionality bugs, translation bugs or whatever. Could create a virtual machine with the last ISO if you don’t want to install on your daily computer and test it on VirtualBox.
  • Upgrade Jam: upgrading to Lucid session from Karmic and Hardy.

By the way, there’s a new event page system on and this Jam is included.

You can do that too

Never run a Jam in your town? Why not try to start one, even if few people can attend? You can find support in a variety of places, including irc sessions. Most of them have already been done, but you can read the whole sessions online.