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Aren’t they cool?

I just received the Catalan LoCo Team CDs in Barcelona. They look really nice.

Software Freedom Day in Barcelona

Last Saturday we celebrated Software Freedom Day in Barcelona with quite a success. About 60 people got together in order to participate in speeches and i tutorials, and to discuss questions related to free software and free culture.

So, would you like to see some pictures?

Ubuntu Global Jam in Catalonia

Catalan LoCo Team celebrated Ubuntu Global Jam thanks to the folks over at Centre DemocrĂ tic i Progressista in Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona, who kindly offered us their great space to meet up and work, despite in August the venue was officially closed. 10 people turned up over the day and we worked on different areas and helped one another.

I worked on wiki parts, Alex managed to figure out calendars on the wiki and explained bazaar to the audience, Josep toke photos and the others worked on translations as long as the tiny internet connexion worked for all os us. After our pizza lunch, apparently official UGJ lunch, we discussed community matters and relations with Canonical with David Planella.


UGJ Barcelona pictures

This Saturday Catalan LoCo Team celebrated Ubuntu Global Jam at the UPC in Barcelona. David Planella explained the translations mechanism in Ubuntu and the differences with upstream projects, Alex Muntada managed to stream video and we all passed a good time working on translations and upgrading bugs.

Some pictures? 🙂

Click on them to see more!

Ubuntu Global Jam in Barcelona

March 27th, the Ubuntu Catalan community celebrates Ubuntu Global Jam at the UPC Campus Nord in Barcelona.

In order to arrive: Campus Nord de l’UPC de Barcelona, building C6 room E101 (access for passage between buildings D6 and C6).

It is a perfect opportunity for learn and help the Ubuntu project.

We will carry on with these activities:

  • Speech about translations by David Planella and Translation Marathon.
  • Testing Jam: test first Lucid beta in any possible way in order to find functionality bugs, translation bugs or whatever. Could create a virtual machine with the last ISO if you don’t want to install on your daily computer and test it on VirtualBox.
  • Upgrade Jam: upgrading to Lucid session from Karmic and Hardy.

By the way, there’s a new event page system on and this Jam is included.

You can do that too

Never run a Jam in your town? Why not try to start one, even if few people can attend? You can find support in a variety of places, including irc sessions. Most of them have already been done, but you can read the whole sessions online.

What a LoCo November

What did Catalan LoCo Team this November?

  • November 1st: LoCo meeting. Redistribute Barcelona people car wiki for travel to the release party in Lleida. Decide to make a professional poster paid by two LoCo members.
  • November 2nd: fisrt Ubuntu Hour in Barcelona.
  • November 7th: release party Kastanyada KĂ rmica.
  • November 16th: three-member meeting for distribution of T-shirts and CDs.
  • November 16th: LoCo meeting. Decided when to choose the placement for next party. Possibly in CastellĂł. New Convention for dealing with brainstorm ideas. Started a calendar with blueprints for Lucid party.
  • November 22nd: meeting with TormodVolden from Swiss LoCo.
  • November 28th: act omelette and free software in Caldes de MontbuĂŻ.

It’s been crazy. On the top of that, I assisted to a LUG meeting and an install-party on a Thursday. I missed Maemo log weekend in CornellĂ , near Barcelona, basically because I needed some rest.

And we have been very late on November Team Report, uploaded today.  Sorry for that.

Catalan Karmic release party

This time, we met in Lleida for a great release party, nearly a hundred attendees, great speeches and tutorials about free software, Mozilla, Gimp, KDE and OpenOffice, a demonstration of freedom devices and a crowded install party.

New shirt, with all Catalan Team release parties on it, for women, men and children.


You all love photos, so here there are a few of them, two sets of photos so far.

Happy UDS to all, by the way.

Classic hello world

Hi Ubuntu people.
I recently got approved as Ubuntu member so I present myself on Planet Ubuntu.
I’m Catalan LoCo Team Contact since its foundation back in 2006, KDE translator and long term free software activist.

My wiki page and Launchpad profile. Nothing to hide. 🙂

Our Global Jam

Just for the record, Catalan LoCo Team part of Ubuntu Global Jam in Barcelona was greater than expected. BTW, all is already said by incredibly patient and enthusiastic David Planella in his blog.


An awesome SFD

Last Saturday we celebrated Software Freedom Day in Barcelona with considerable participation success. After 4 years going out to the street for celebrating with pedestrians passing by in the very center of Barcelona, we decided to try going ourselves to a Cultural Center. I contacted some free software groups and did a general call for papers (without much hope, really) and the response was quick and broad: in a month we had a non-stop schedule from 10 to 19 h of talks and workshops simultaneously.

Thanks to all speakers and Quim who yielded the Centre, it’s been possible the success of the celebration [video]. That way, it will be a pleasure to work for another similar event next year and, if possible, more attendees.

That kind of events due periodically seem to me very adequate for cohesion o simple acknowledge of community members. Not everyone is able to always commit, each person do whatever they can, but the most known people assistance was normal. So, I saw lots of new people.

During all day, people of different projects could speak about what unite them and could comment problems and successes of their groups in a relaxed environment. Also, we could see new project drafts and especially we had a good time, that’s the idea, somehow.

global jam badges