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Jabber Election Meeting – The “women issue”…

I survived our “Meet the Candidates” jabber meeting. It was about two or three hours of me and Björn answering questions by fellows. No matter how well-prepared you feel or don’t feel in the run-up of such a discussion there’s always questions you can answer only roughly if you can answer them at all. This can be difficult sometimes because you had never been confronted with the issue before, sometimes because it would take a lot of preliminary information and thinking to give a really sophisticated answer. I hope I could at least reply to peoples’ questions in a way that shows them that I respect their criticism and topics.

It indeed felt a bit funny to be one of the very few women in the MUC when it came to a specific question. Someone asked what I was planning to do to attract more women as fellows. The only answer I could give this person was that I will try to show women that everyone in FSFE has a voice and every contribution is appreciated no matter if it is expressed by a woman or a man, an expert or a newbie. And I would like to show this by my work in the GA.

But how does it feel for me to be a woman in FSFE? The answer is simple: It feels normal. And I hope I can convince more women about that.

My conclusion about this jabber meeting is that I would do it again anytime! I hope next time we are having an election jabber meeting again there will be even more people present. Thank you for your participation all your questions.