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Die FSFE unterstützt den Offenen Brief gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Am 20. April haben sich insgesamt 48 Organisationen in einem Offenen Brief an Bundesjustizministerin Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger gegen eine Wiederaufnahme der Vorratsdatenspeicherung ausgesprochen.

Auch die FSFE hat sich dem Brief angeschlossen. Warum setzt sich eine Organisation, die für Freie Software eintritt, gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung ein, warum muß sie es vielleicht sogar?

Ein großer Teil unserer alltäglichen Kommunikation beruht […]

Document Freedom Day

On March 31st we’ll celebrate Document Freedom Day in our very specific manner again. FSFE’s teams in Austria and Germany are going to give the famous DFD tarts as presents to two radio stations who release their documents according to Open Standards. Both stations provide their broadcasts for download as OGG-Vorbis. This audio format […]

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. Now I proudly present: my GnuPG key! key ID: 86804402

I’m still struggling with the technical details, but I’ll include it in my signature and stuff soon.

Fellowship Representative

OMG, I made it! I can’t believe it. 😀 Now there’s gonna be a lot of new things to learn and work to do.

Unfortunately I still have to work tonight. 😉

Jabber Election Meeting – The “women issue”…

I survived our “Meet the Candidates” jabber meeting. It was about two or three hours of me and Björn answering questions by fellows. No matter how well-prepared you feel or don’t feel in the run-up of such a discussion there’s always questions you can answer only roughly if you can answer them at all. This […]

Valentine’s Day Campaign

Hug your developers, give them a present, show them your appreciation!


Last weekend I was on FOSDEM for the first time. Although I haven’t seen a single talk it was very interesting and a lot of fun, because it felt like the ‘cool’ version of CeBIT.

FOSDEM booth – I'm the person on the left 😉

As far as I can say this year’s […]

OpenRheinRuhr 2009 – my first booth…

For those of you who might drop by to take a look at the proceedings of the booth on ORR there is news! I have just sent a notice to our homepage admin to put it into the events section on Below you can read the notice before it finally reaches the homepage.

(2009-11-07 […]

My first booth…

The first time I booth-volunteered for FSFE was at this year’s CeBit. Standing around and talking to people about 9 hours a day from Friday to Sunday was demanding on the one hand and really exciting on the other hand. And I’ve met so many interesting new people…

At this year’s OpenRheinRuhr on 7. and […]

Hello world!

Well, things are slowly getting serious for OpenRheinRuhr. I’ve seen the pictures of the location in Bottrop ( thanks to Rainer Kersten. Att the moment I try to develop some ideas to make our booth at ORR not just a booth where people gain information about Free Software, but also point to discuss things like […]