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My first booth…

The first time I booth-volunteered for FSFE was at this year’s CeBit. Standing around and talking to people about 9 hours a day from Friday to Sunday was demanding on the one hand and really exciting on the other hand. And I’ve met so many interesting new people…

At this year’s OpenRheinRuhr on 7. and 8. November in Bottrop I’m going to manage a booth myself for the first time. So there’s lots of things to plan, to think about and to remember: What does the location look like? Where do I stay for the night and how do I get to Bottrop and when exactely??? And the crucial question: Who will help me at the booth? Luckily Jo, who is a Fellow, too, is going to help me. But we still need at least two other people to increase our operating range around the booth.

Within the next days I will send a CfV – a Call for Volunteers – to find helping hands and brisk minds for the largest Free Software event in Germany’s Ruhr Area.

But work all day and no play makes Jack a dull boy as the saying goes. To make ORR interesting not only because of its exhibitors and its interesting speeches and discussions but as well in a social regard there will be a Fellowship Meeting on Saturday!

So whoever you are, dear Fellow, and wherever you live in “Ruhrpott” or near the Dutch border (on both sides), come over to OpenRheinRuhr to meet other Fellows. In the end it’s us who help to keep the Free Software world turning and I think it’s nice to meet people who share the same idea.