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OpenRheinRuhr 2009 – my first booth…

For those of you who might drop by to take a look at the proceedings of the booth on ORR there is news! I have just sent a notice to our homepage admin to put it into the events section on Below you can read the notice before it finally reaches the homepage.

(2009-11-07 to 2009-11-08) OpenRheinRuhr, Bottrop, Germany

OpenRheinRuhr 2009 in Bottrop is the largest exhibition concerning Free Software in Germany’s Ruhr Area. Some of our German Fellows help to organize this convention or present Free Software projects they are working on. Hence FSFE will not miss the opportunity to contribute to this event with a booth. On November 7 and 8 we bring the idea of Free Software and its related topics to the public again.

This time we intent to cross the border from IT into the Arts by providing a discussion lounge to broach the issues of “Software as a cultural technique” and “Coding as an art”.

In addition to the booth a social event for Fellows will be held on 2009-11-07.

Further information about the booth and how to volunteer can be found in the wiki. Coordination is handled via booth mailing list.