My opinion on the General Assembly

FSFE’s General Assembly was held at the beginning of the month, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This was my first important meeting since the election. Many topics were discussed there. It’s very motivating to work with people who are so dedicated to Free Software. Although we didn’t always agree with each other on everything, the days of the GA were very productive about what we can do for Free Software in the future, as an organisation with so much diversity.

It’s clear that members of the GA have an incredible experience of Free Software, and looking backwards 11 years ago, FSFE has done a lot. With new challenges ahead (funding of Free Software; software as a service and “cloud” computing), and also with a whole lot more people in the Fellowship, it seems that our work here isn’t over.

There is also much room for improvement in the organisation itself:

  • How we communicate to the public, and with other Free Software organisations in Europe and elsewhere.
  • How we promote cooperation within FSFE and in the wider community.
  • How we can make the organisation grow, to reach upper goals.

But together we’ll get there I am sure. FSFE is a very lively organisation, and it was a real pleasure to meet new people at the GA and to see again old fellows 🙂

I really encourage all fellows who feel at home in this community and want to promote Free Software further to dive in and try the experience!

PS: /me working on the fellowship roadmap for 2011/2012. Stay tuned!