GNU/Linux and High-Quality Free Fonts

“Letters and fonts have two characteristics: On the one hand they are basic elements of communication and fundamental to our culture, on the other hand they are cultural goods and an artistic work.
You are able to see just the first aspect, but when it comes to software you’ll see copyrights and patents even on the most elementary fonts. Therefore we want to give you a free alternative: This is why we founded the Libertine Open Fonts Project.”  — Philipp H. Poll

Linux Libertine

Linux Libertine Fonts are one of these fonts you can use, share, study and modify — just like Free Software. As a result, there are no reason left to print ugly documents anymore. This font is really a pleasure for the eye. So I just wanted to share it with you if you did not know it 🙂

If you need the TrueTypeFont format for softwares – such as – which does not handle OpenTypeFont format yet, you can get already made TTF files thanks to Font Forge.