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Promo Sprint

Quite often, a group of awesome people meets to promote KDE to new people. Most often that happens on the different IT/Linux/Free Software/something fairs. This is where many technical (and sometimes not so technical) people come together, exchange information, take the chance to talk to people directly involved with our project or just discover something completely new. I heard there are people not yet using KDE 😉

On of these events which is rather new is the IT & Business fair in Stuttgart. In the coming week (October 6-8), Eckhart, Frank and me will man a demo point to show the awesome that KDE is.

If you are interested in getting more involved with KDE or meeting us, this is a great chance. You get to see a fair (that may or may not interest you), meet users and curious people and have a chance to spread the word 😉 What you need is some enthusiasm for KDE and everything else will follow (yay, a great chance to practice talking to strangers).

While we have a certain routine by now, visiting one or the other event, we certainly would love to pass on some information how to run the show and make the experience for everyone a bit smoother. To this end, we discussed a bit with Cornelius and Frank, to get something going, and decided it’s time for a “Promoting KDE at Events” sprint.

Eckhart wrote a mail to our promo list. The suggested date for the sprint is Oct 31st – Nov 1st.

Now we’d love to have some new people at this sprint as well, to get some fresh input. It would be great to see fresh faces, people who like to write, talk about KDE and think about the logistics side of things as well.

Some things we’ll discuss is the practical aspects of the booth box (it’s currently very robust with the tiny downside of being about as portable as a medium sized coffin). Creating instructions for setting up the booth and including some niceties such as a table cloth (dear me, we are going to be so decadent).

Techbase page to coordinate the promo sprint

Drop me a mail if you’d like to come at gladhorn AT kde DOT org !