Dead Stars

Fitting my earlier post about rating and stars in Get Hot New Stars Stuff , I just listened to “Dead Stars” by Covenant…

So this is all about stars. At first I wanted to answer the comments individually, but there are just too many.

A few points keep coming up:

  • The number of items in the Hot New Stuff Dialog is limited: not any more, the dialog will fetch more items if you scroll down. (I’ll do a screencast soon, promise!)
  • Updates: There is a category that shows only installed items, here it’s easy to update individual ones. Applications will have the possibility to query for updates without invoking the gui at some point, probably not in the initial release though.
  • Displaying the Rating of an item will most likely be the “five stars, just as in Nepomuk/Dolphin” variant. It shows the numerical rating in a tooltip (yeah, we all love numbers, don’t we?? though I would still download what I like, not what the rating tells me to like). I stretched the scale a bit, since ratings from 0-20 and 80-100 are nowhere to be seen.
  • The user will be able to rate items, but only gets to choose “I like it” or “Don’t like it”, same as on
  • Different categories (as seen on for example) will probably return, I would like to see some mockup how to integrate that into the dialog without having lots of combo boxes around…
  • The scrolling is badly broken, I really need to look into that.
  • It’s getting late, I should be in bed ;)

The mouse is on the second item with the actual rating as tooltip.

The mouse is on the second item with the actual rating as tooltip.

7 comments to Dead Stars

  • Adriano ML

    Nice improvements, but I still think that there could be some actions inside a righ click menu on each entry to acess the original entry on opendesktop (or somewhere else), or even to see a bigger screenshot. Just some little toughts…

  • Did you consider feeds where the rating isn’t a value between 0 and 100? I have seen feeds where the maximum rating is 5, or other. Just try “khotnewstuff4″ with all the .knsrc files KDE applications provide.

  • Fri13

    Now the stars are not trusthforthy if it only show 20-80 points. And the stars does not only have less meaning because of that, but because they do not flhlow the rating on the website, making the tooltip more difficult to actually use.

    I say very bad decision what should not be done because it is a classic way to twist correct information because some users do not care. Why should information presentation reflect what users want and not the correct information?

    It is a very good that someone is trying to make better GHNS but if we end up dialog what twist truth, then it is meaningless. Sorry.

  • vespas

    maybe you should say “rating: 72%” instead of just 72, I think it currently is a bit ambiguous (could it be 72 people that rated it with 4 stars?)
    Also how about making two tabs, one for installed addons (where the install button is replaced by “Update” and there is a “Remove” button below it) and one for new ones with the current behaviour. To conserve screen real estate for netbooks etc, the “KHotNewStuff Add-on Installer” label can be removed and the window title changed.

  • Orestes

    I like the idea of fetching more items as user scrolls down, but this raises an usability issue, as users are supposed to know that, and obviously most don’t. Me, for example, I discovered this feature by pure chance.

  • Jamboarder

    Nice!! (oh, don’t forget to add the “%” to the tooltip rating number).

    Anyway, very cool work!