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owncould on Hiawatha

Mainly for future reference here is a short summary of what to do for setting up owncloud on Debian with the (awesome) Hiawatha webserver instead of Apache. This is work in progress, since some adjustments needed to be made to Hiawatha and the new version is just a beta. So far everything is working quite […]

UK: towards a new ICT curriculum

42 minutes. 42 minutes before the deadline we, FSFE’s edu-team, submitted our position on the UK Department of Education proposal to disapply the National Curriculum Programme for Information and Communication Technology. Deputy coordinator Guido did some amazing work and provided the team with background information, summaries of relevant studies (pdf) and articles on the matter. Some drafting […]

vym ebuild foo

for future reference:

Since the vym ebuild is a bit outdated, i asked a friend to hack me a new fancy and shiny one. It works but comes with no waranties and probably doesnt meet the Gentoo quality standards. If you are interested in maintaining it, please feel free to do so. A “proper change […]

review: edu-team Jabber meeting

Already a year has passed since the last edu-team jabber meeting and therefore we took the opportunity to get in touch with the fellows again. Although the jabber channel was not as crowed as last year, it was nevertheless an interesting and inspiring meeting.


tough times in .ch

This indeed is a scandal. Swiss politicians are thinking about a raise of the consumer tax of 0.4%.

Coming from a country with 19% consumer tax, i enjoy the discussion to some extend.

an ad against a raise of the consumer tax.


martial law

General William Devereaux: The Army is a broad sword, not a scalpel. Trust me, senator – you do not want the Army in an American city.

This quote from the 1998 movie “The Siege” came to my mind, when I read todays news. Mr Jung, Federal Minister of Defence in […]

Hopp Schwiiz

national holiday in switzerland. One gonna have to expierience that. Bottom line, of course, is quite trivial. However, sylvester in shorts and 25 degrees celsius is somewhat special. There is alot of firework going on, but during the day the national museum in zurich was open for free ( as in free beer). It remembers […]

end the day with a good laugh

nooooo, thiz is no tribute to Tim Berner-Lee.

(but it took me quite a while to figure it out)

(picture by electron2, .)

The museum is located in the lovely town of Oederan and you can learn a lot about weaving there. (explaining the wordplay takes a lot of fun away… )


Fellowship meeting in Zurich

a summary of the fellowship meeting in Zurich, which took place on 8th May at the FSFE office. […]


me still plays around with the blog. Well, i think everything is fine now. I have even found a tool for the symbian OS: wordmobi . However, this needs the python stuff (quite easy to install, though.) More to come soon.

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