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Fellowship meeting in Zurich

So this was my first fellowship meeting here in Zurich. Although only few people showed up it was quite sucessful i think.
Once again I introduced myself. We also welcomed Sandro who is working at the IT department of ETHZ.
The fellows talked about a couple of things, which will be of interest during the next months.
OpenExpo in Winterthur
Since everbody already knows that event, there was no real need for me to deliver the briefing I prepared. Amongst other ideas the fellows expressed their wish to be present at the lecture track of the OpenExpo.
Swiss Parliament ‘group for digitial sustainability’
I dont have much knowledge about the swiss political system and additionally we covered that topic just briefly. The Swiss Open Systems User Group (/ch/open) assists the parliamentarians.
The most time we spent in discussing the Software Freedom Day for which we came up with an interesting idea. Our contribution shall be to organise lecture series at different faculties about the importance of free software for education. I guess it is quite easy to get programmers and administrators involved, but we also came up with ideas for other studies like economics and social sciences.
Last but not least I like to thank the participants for their time and Andreas for providing several thing which made it a social event.