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rafaelweb2_petitI work as Laboratory Technician at the LGAI in Cerdanyola del Vall├Ęs (Catalonia, near Barcelona). I am a member of Caliu ( since 1999. I am the mainteiner of the Translations chapter on the Caliu website with links to the diferent translation of free software projects into Catalan. I worked on translations of documentation about software patents: Caliu, FFII, during the 2005 campaign, and I transtated Free Sotware Foundation Europe web site. I gave help to GetGnuLinux web site translation in 2006 and I translated all KOffice suite GUI and documentation components in 2006-2009 and Kdenetwork components in 2008-2009.

I started the Ubuntu Catalan Loco Team in May 2006 and restarted it in December 2006, hoping for new people to replace me as soon as possible, but failing on that. Now, I am the elected LoCo Team Contact. The LoCo has more than 40 members on Launchpad and more than 200 on the mailing list.

IRC: rafael_carreras on network
OpenPGP key: C6DE38D2