A versatile, open and future-proof audio setup [ part 0 ]

Since it might be useful to some other people I want to document my audio setup in a few blog posts. By audio setup I mean the storage, organization and playback of my music collection. It covers the following: file systems, file formats, network access, choice of portable hardware, my own maintenance software (conversion, synchronization etc) and briefly other software (operating systems, playback software). Continue reading

FSFE Affiliate Userscript v0.2 released.

I decided to rewrite the script.

What’s new:

  • only one 5-line function from another script is used, the rest is original code under CC0 / Public Domain
  • Amazon code is cleaner, should produce less false-positive replacements (in theory 😉 )
  • Support for Libri.de / Bookzilla.de is added. Any and all links to Libri are replaced with links to Bookzilla. Actions on Libri.de itself are also “transferred”.
  • FSFE-Affiliate Userscript now available

    I have uploaded a userscript that you can use to support FSFE when buying at Amazon. Automatic support for redirecting from libri.de to bookzilla.de is planned, aswell as any other affiliate programs FSFE might take part in.

    In contrast to the AffiliateFox-Plugin, the userscript is compatible with non-Mozilla browsers. But it works on those, too, in case you prefer to install something where you can see the source, before installing it 😉

    For more information see https://blogs.fsfe.org/h2/userscripts/