A versatile, open and future-proof audio setup [ part 1 ] Overview

Here are the general components of the setup, as well as planned components. Fear not, most of everything that follows does not imply this setup and is generally usable. You don’t even need a server for the most part.

· acts as storage for local and remote access
· handles maintenance jobs
· plays music directly, remote controlled [planned]
· runs FreeBSD and ZFS
· more details in separate article

Regular Clients
· some Laptops and Desktops
· running GNU/Linux and FreeBSD
· access files through NFS (+OpenVPN)
· arbitrary player software

Portable Audio Player
· Sandisk SansaClip+
· multiple µSD-Cards
· more details (esp. on syncing) in separate article

Android Clients [planned]
· one or multiple Android clients
· access files through NFS or WebDAV
· or µSD-Cards (see above)

Universal Access [planned]
· based on OwnCloud