An awesome SFD

Last Saturday we celebrated Software Freedom Day in Barcelona with considerable participation success. After 4 years going out to the street for celebrating with pedestrians passing by in the very center of Barcelona, we decided to try going ourselves to a Cultural Center. I contacted some free software groups and did a general call for papers (without much hope, really) and the response was quick and broad: in a month we had a non-stop schedule from 10 to 19 h of talks and workshops simultaneously.

Thanks to all speakers and Quim who yielded the Centre, it’s been possible the success of the celebration [video]. That way, it will be a pleasure to work for another similar event next year and, if possible, more attendees.

That kind of events due periodically seem to me very adequate for cohesion o simple acknowledge of community members. Not everyone is able to always commit, each person do whatever they can, but the most known people assistance was normal. So, I saw lots of new people.

During all day, people of different projects could speak about what unite them and could comment problems and successes of their groups in a relaxed environment. Also, we could see new project drafts and especially we had a good time, that’s the idea, somehow.

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