Why Privacy is more than Crypto

During the last year hell seems to have frozen over: our corporate overlords neighbours at Apple, Google and Facebook have all pushed for crypto in one way or another. For Facebook (WhatsApp) and Google (Allo) the messenger crypto has even been implemented by none less than the famous, endorsed-by-Edward-Snowden anarchist and hacker Moxie Marlinspike! So all is well on the privacy front! … but is it really?

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Encrypting cron’s daily mail

Most you have probably set your system aliases to receive root’s e-mail, and that of course is a very good idea so you are kept up to date. On the other hand you do send a lot of information about your system through the wire, often package diagnostics with information about locally installed vulnerable software and many other things that might help a person or entity gain access to your computer. Now living in a world, where we know that all unencrypted mail is automatically parsed and possibly filtered and stored that is something you might want to avoid. The natural answer is to encrypt the mail which is what I am going to explain in the following.

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[advertising] A nice Indie-Game

I have just backed a wonderful looking independent dystopian RPG on Kickstarter! It’s called Insomnia, it looks like it uses the Free Software Engine Ogre3d (although its not Free Software itself) and it will feature native Linux support. They still need money, so if you enjoy special video games, go help them out and pre-order your DRM-free copy!

Photo of the Month — 2014-07

I decided to start a photo-of-the-month series; hopefully I will be able to keep it up. Unfortunately the upload limitation on this platform is 1MB per picture so you won’t get high-res for now. The picture was taken last fall in Oberengadin, Switzerland, close to Salecina House. It was a breath-taking sunset and I was very tired from a day of hiking, but thankful for having been there right at that moment!

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Secure Texting and why FSFE cares

Heard of WhatsApp? If you haven’t used it before (I e.g. haven’t), you can think of it as a free-of-charge messaging app that knows which of your contacts also have the app and automatically routes messages to them over your dataplan instead of SMS, so it’s (usually) free of charge.
In the face of NSA and WhatsApp’s recent acquisition by Facebook, many of the million WhatsApp users are looking for secure and trustworthy alternatives.
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