Some pointers on European Software Strategy, WIPO and further reading

It’s been one of “those” months. Again.

First and foremost, the European Software Strategy has taken up a lot of time and energy for myself and others in FSFE. Having been invited to contribute our expertise to the process of drafting input into the strategy, we’ve participate in several working groups, [...]

Catching up with the backblog

As you will have noticed, FSFE had some issues with its previous blogging platform.

In theory, they should have been resolved much earlier, but as Yogi Berra correctly stated: “In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice, there is.” Personnel issues, high-priority overrides of the personal and professional kind, everything seemed [...]

FSFE’s Sun Fire T-1000

Most of you have probably seen in FSFE’s latest newsletter that Sun kindly donated a SunFire T-1000 server to FSFE’s Fellowship.

And while not as probiotic as other recent blog entries, I think that some of you should be curious to have a look at its insides. Here is a picture of the actual [...]


FSFE Fellow Alex Antener reminded me today that some of our Swiss Team set up the Bergtagung for next weekend in the beautiful Swiss Alps mountain town Siat. The purpose of the Bergtagung is to have a meeting open minds, Free Software/Free Culture enthusiasts and others, with the following agenda items (from the Bergtagung [...]

Back from Day against DRM Protest in Zürich

An exciting day is coming to an end now. You can read a short account of our Day against DRM protest in downtown Zürich on my other blog on, so I won’t repeat the same story here, but I will include the link to some very nice pictures.

The FSFE Zürich Crew was very [...]

DAY AGAINST DRM: Launch of, the DRM awareness portal

To describe the past weeks running up on 3 October as hectic would be a major understatement. Within very short time, a group of dedicated FSFE people put together a collaborative effort among digital liberty, new media, consumer protection and library organisations, as well as independent authors such as Cory Doctorow and set up a [...]

Ubuntu to be first “Fellowship Ready” Distribution?

From the very beginning, the idea of the Fellowship was to create space for a digital community in which people would work together on various issues related to freedom in a digital society, especially Free Software. Now Lukas Fittl from Austria has just once more demonstrated the point by picking up a task that I [...]

Got Freedom?

Those of you who visited FSFE’s Booth at FOSDEM in Brussels already know, but for all the others this might be news: FSFE has a new t-shirt model that was presented at FOSDEM 2006 for the first time.

On the front it has "Plussy", the Fellowship mascot, asking "Got Freedom?" and on the back [...]

Update: Fellowship crypto card with PCMCIA and for SSH logins

After figuring out how to use the Fellowship crypto card with a PCMCIA reader and then setting up SSH authentication with the card, I had a lot of fun with my card at the United Nations and elsewhere. And so did many other Fellows, it seems.

Andrea Borgia figured out simpler udev rules for his [...]

Meeting of FSFE’s Spanish Team in Miraflores de la Sierra

Thanks to snow chaos in Munich, I spent most of yesterday on planes and airports to finally get to the beautiful Spanish town Miraflores de la Sierra, home of FSFE’s Spanish associate organisation, the Free Knowledge Foundation (FKF) who organised today’s open meeting of the Spanish Team of the FSFE.

The meeting was organised and [...]