Building KDE applications

Quite often the question comes up how to build a KDE application.

Now we have great tools such as kdesrc-build and buildtool and long wiki pages on techbase

But many of these aim at building not just one application but the world. Or at least kdelibs and everything on top of it. To start development, it’s often easier to build just the application you care about. Lately for a quick patch, that’s what I’ve been using. So if you’re not yet hacking on the internals but just want to build let’s say Parley, here you go:

I bet there is much to add and improve, so please help make techbase nicer for new contributors, we all started at some point, right ;) I wonder if this approach should be more  mentioned as the default way of building an application – it just takes a couple of minutes and you’re good to start hacking.

This post was triggered by some great Parley patches I received from Christian Muschick, who also happened to ask how to best build the application without messing up his system.

1 comment to Building KDE applications

  • Michael Pyne

    kdesrc-build just builds what you tell it to (admittedly there are a lot of modules in the sample configuration ;) . build-tool is similar, and even provides quick-start recipes.

    If you setup a kdesrc-build configuration (similar to the steps given in your blog post) then you can “one-shot” install applications from there if they’re in the KDE Project infrastructure. For instance I just ran “kdesrc-build parley” and despite not having parley explicitly mentioned in my configuration, it downloaded, built, and installed correctly.

    With that said please do whatever is easiest for you in building KDE, I don’t personally care if you do or do not use kdesrc-build, I just want to make sure it’s not assumed that you have to buy in to “building the world” when you just want to build 1 app when people are looking for tools to use.